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Why Write About Colonial America?

Colonial America prior to the American Revolution was a unique period of time. Most of the causes for the revolution can be seen in the events described in my books.

An often cited reason for the American Revolution was taxation without representation. Although the colonies had a form of government, the real power lay in London with parliament. The Molasses Act of 1733 showed the colonists that the men that ruled parliament were more interested in lining their pockets than governing fairly. This Act was repealed long before the start of the revolution. Further Acts such as Currency Acts of 1751 and 1764 had a similar negative impact on the colonies.

The Molasses Act was a huge incentive to smuggle. The colonies couldn't grow readily without critical supplies like molasses, and sugar. While that might seem strange in today's world, one must consider the times. There were only three sweeteners in the old world, sugar, molasses and honey. The Molasses Act increased prices on two of these items. Rum was the major medicine of the age, used as a 'cure-all' for virtually everything. West Indies rum from British colonies was expensive. The Molasses made alternative foreign sources more expensive, and damaged the growing local distilleries. An element of smuggling largely overlooked is that it was condoned by a large segment of the population. It was the first large scale initiative against the governing power. Over time as further repressive legislation was enacted, people were more disposed to seek ways around the legislation.

My first two books (SWIFT and SWIFT PRIDE) dealt with the first siege of Louisbourg which touches on another issue that seriously impacted the citizens of Massachusetts. Soldiers signed-up to fight the French based on an agreement to receive a portion of their compensation in plunder once the fortress fell. This was denied to them, leaving a bitter taste. At the end of King George's War the British government ceded Louisbourg back to the French. This drastically upset the merchants of Boston for it negatively impacted the fishing trade, a major industry. British parliamentarians who had interests in the West Indies and India ensured those interests at the expense of the American colonies.

There is an old political saying that people forget and you can pull the wool over their eyes. To some extent this is true. The same cannot be said about money. People that lose money tend not to forget. There is also an incentive for them to put their money to work in areas where they are more likely to win.

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