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The Skirmishers Cover

The Skirmishers

Feare Series: Book 1

Release Date: June 2016


Imagine traveling to your friend’s house for a visit only to find him dead. His wife and children are missing. It takes five hours to reach the nearest settlement which doesn’t have any authorities. What do you do?

Ezekiel Feare, a new struggling homesteader on the Mohawk River was in this situation. His actions dealing with his friend’s death result in some unforeseen consequences that jeopardize his livelihood and potentially his very existence.

The war between the British and French intensifies, resulting in the call-out of the local militia. Feare learns he is expected to report. With no military training and ill equipped, his expectations of survival look dim. To bolster his chances of survival, Feare takes certain measures that place him in conflict with other militiamen. It all comes to a head when the company receives orders to march north.

On the northward march Feare faces two foes, one that might destroy him while the other might kill him. Will he survive?

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